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“I suppose I can help.” – icanhelp scientist, Black Mesa

OK, full-disclosure here, we’re not actually scientists. Yet, we do love science. We’re a group of people from different backgrounds, different experiences, different interests—but what we have in common, is that we’re passionate about the things we love. Whether those things be horror, tech, video games, literature, nonprofit projects—we celebrate doing what we love and strengthening the skills it takes to do those things.

SoManyScientists was born from this idea. With a desire to share our passions with others, it started with our projects, Social Horror and OpenHaunt. Even though we knew there was already great content out there, we felt like there was still something missing. We wanted to do things differently. We wanted to fill the gap that separated the fans from the writers and the creators. So, we played to our strengths and our understanding about how to engage with readers and viewers with great visuals and perspectives in writing that, rather than meet a deadline, are bylines from people who believe in what they’re doing and will take the time they need to create something that bridges that gap and places fans at the center of that experience.

Even though we may not be actual scientists, we don’t just suppose we can help, we know we can.


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